12-Mode TENS Pulse Massager


Effective EMS Muscle Stimulator & Fat Burner”

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Identity, Function and Therapy Theory:

It has multi-function of Press, Knead, Vibrate and Thump. This machine has combined therapy function for Arm, Joint, Feet, Shoulder, Waist and Leg. The low frequency therapy acts on human body though low frequency pulse current, It makes human body react by its incitement so as to promote partial blood circulation, Strengthen the adjusting function of the nervous system to attain the purpose of eliminating fatigue, alleviating hyperinesia, reliving pain and subduing inflammation and etc.

The body reaction is to be carried out by the combined action of nerve and body fluid.

Operating Instructions:

1.Gently Open the cell box, put four pieces of 1.5V batteries into it, and close the cell box.

2.Stick the electrode pads onto appropriate parts of the body that need to be massaged, and then connect conducting wire with electrode pads correctly.(Note: 2 electrode pads / 4 electrode pads must be connected at the same time)

3.Open the on-off button of the main machine, and the sketch of the working mode under manual’s procedure will display on the screen. You may choose different therapy modes ( Press, Knead, Vibrate and Thump) just according to your personal preference.

4.The therapy speed and intensity of the machine can be adjusted flexibly, you can tune the intensity knob of the main machine from lower to higher.

5.You can also press the button | ARM”, “JOINT”, “FEET”, “SHOULDER”, “WAIST” AND “LEG” to choose different parts of therapy.

6.Default working time of the machine is thirty minute, and the machine will automatically stop once it continually works for thirty minutes. The machine also has five-second self-checking function, and the machine will cut off once removing the electrode pads from the skin within five seconds automatically.

7.Its double-channel system can make two persons to use it at the same time, and the intensity & time can be adjusted separately.

8.When stopping the machine, pis turn the power off through switching the on-off button, and reset the power switch once it needs to be worked again.

Three key pionts for operation

1.Firnd the exact pain point: The point which is sticked to the massage cads should be the most painful point in normal times.

2.Strength: Therapeutic strength must be gradually increased, and it’s better to reach the highest strength you can stand.

3.Therapeutic duration: 2 times/day, 30minutes/ time, 3 days for one course of massage therapy.