Best enlargement cream for male


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Best enlargement cream for male

Herbal Enlarge Penis Enlargement Cream Lubricant Gel 50ml Male Penis Enhancer Big Cock Thickening Growth Crocodile Ointment​

Product ingredients:

PUERARIN LOBOTA extract, water glycerin, MENTHA AKVERBSTS extract, ginseng (PANAX GINSCNG) extract hydroxyethyl cellulose.

Steps for usage:

1. Apply a gel on the erectile penis.

2. Use the thumb and forefinger to form a circle, trap the penis.

3. Hand slowly and hand massage the entire penis and scrotum.

4. hand massage, squeeze, hand holding the penis to pull out, each 2-3 seconds.

5. Duration of about 10-15 minutes, until there is a slight thermal expansion can be.


1, the product is pure natural ingredients extracted, no stimulation;

2, recommended to use three times a day, before use, wash the scrotum and penis with warm water;

3, after the massage can be completely absorbed, do not need to clean;

4, if accidentally into the eyes, with water can be cleaned;

5, please save in the 5-25 degree environment.

Note: This product can only be used externally and can not be taken orally. It is forbidden to apply skin ulceration. This product is not used for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases in sexual life.

Best enlargement cream for male

Best enlargement cream for male

Best enlargement cream for male

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Male Enlargement Cream

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Male cock enlargement cream


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