Brighten Your Skin with Underarm Whitening Cream for Intimate Areas

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Type: Face&Body Whitening Cream

●NET Weight:50g

●Target skin types: All skin

●Effect: Reduce the formation of melanin,improve the dull,sallow& enhance its whitening ability,repair the skin, and achieve long-term whitening effect,keeping skin fair,smooth,moisturized and elastic,

– Recommend 2 bottles for a course.

– For best results it is recommended to use morning and night. Use it daily for quick results.

●Shelf life:3 years


Our Whitening cream is enriched with whitening and moisturizing ingredients that rapidly infiltrate into the cuticles,remove melanin improve the dull,sallow& enhance its whitening ability,keeping fair,smooth,moisturized and elastic.


Our whitening cream for intimate parts and face is made without using any harmful additives so you can use it daily without worries. 

Our whitening cream for dark intimate areas can be safely applied on the face, body, bikini, thighs, and sensitive areas to give your skin the support it needs


Infused with a combination of nutrient ingredients,this whitening cream ,gives your skin its needed nutrition, helping you to have healthy skin all over your body including the intimate areas while keeping an even skin tone that’s glowing and looks youthful


Uses carefully chosen ingredients to give you a skin cream that can annoying dark areas ,make your skin stay moisturized, smoother, and radiant

This cream helps moisturize dry skin along with locking the moisture in place to form a moisture barrier and provide smooth and supple skin

●How to use:

After skin cleaning or before going outside , apply the cream to the body or the sensitive areas as required and gently massage until absorption.