Detox Foot Patch


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Name: wormwood health foot patch Soothing Repair ,Comfortable Relaxed Net weight: 10 pairs/box Ingredients :BAMBOO VINEGAR,CONCHIOLIN POWDER,PLATYCODON GRANDIFLORUM EXTRACT,LAVANDULA ANGUSTIFOLIA EXTRACT,POLYGONUM MULTIFLORUM STEM EXRACT,ARTEMISIA ARGYI LEAF EXTRACT,TOURMALINE,ASCORBIC ACID,MINERAL SALTS Features:Containing fresh wormwood plant extracts, wormwood moisturizing essence penetrates the skin of the feet, softens and moisturizes the skin’s keratin, gently and moisturizes the feet, so that the feet are soothing and refreshing.   How to use: 1. Clean the skin of the feet before use (recommended for use at night); 2. Open the package and take out the foot patch, tear off the anti-adhesive paper, stick the foot on the sole of the foot, and press it firmly; 3. Use 6-8 hours per post, gently peel off after use, wipe the sole with a paper towel or a hot towel; 4. After using the foot stick, the black paste phenomenon due to the adsorption of water vapor is a normal change, please feel free to use it; 5. After use, the color of the powder pack can be stopped when it is lighter and lighter, or it can be used 1-2 times a week according to individual circumstances.   Suitable for all skin types: Suitable for all skin types. Precautions: If the skin is uncomfortable during use, please stop using it; please keep it out of the baby and avoid eating. Storage conditions: Store in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight.     foot patch*10 pairs/box