Effective Whitening Freckle Cream

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Melasma & Dark Spot Remover”

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Effective Whitening Freckle Cream Remove Melasma Acne Spot Pigment Melanin Dark Spots Whitening Moisturizing Cream Skin Care

NET WT: 20ml

Product Name:Whitening Freckle Cream 20g


This product is made from natural biological essence extracted from the high-tech , with short freckle whitening, remove acne particularly strong effect long-term use can regulate skin cell regeneration and repair capability , eliminating the incentive to produce melanin , the effective prevention of various types of stains regeneration , reaching the skin smooth and delicate, soft whitening efficacy.


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Skin problems are plagued by constant troubles?

Spot, Dry, Dark and Dark, Acne, Wrinkles

Sunburn, Pregnancy Spots, Freckle, Melasma


Desalination of color spots, flawless beauty, reproduce glamorous luster

Freckle Cream

Multiple botanical ingredients act on the stratum corneum of the skin, dilute the black pigment, after use, melanin production is significantly reduced! It can effectively dissolve the formation and diffusion of melanin and can separate melanin. Epidermal pigmentation on the basal layer and the upper layer there is an improvement!


According to the course of treatment, freckle is very simple.


First time use:Fine texture, easy to absorb skin

One cycle:Darkening, even skin tone

Two cycles:Bright and translucent skin tone

Whitening Skin

First time use:Dark precipitate skin loses brilliance

One cycle:Dull gradually fade away

Two cycles:Skin changes white and delicate



Blemish skin rejuvenation beautiful nature

Eliminate spots safely and effectively

Eliminate chloasma

Inhibition of melanin

Promotes delicate skin regeneration


Relieves dark yellow skin, diminishes spots, evenly moisturizes skin, enhances skin sensation.


Day and Night Use

Day time

Protects and nourishes skin against pigmentation during the day.

Night time

Evenly nourishes the skin at night reduce stain precipitation/fade spots



01: Quick Whitening: After washing your face, rub the freckle cream on your face, then apply the hydrating mask, wash it off after 30 minutes, hope to wipe the cream again.

Step1: Cleaning the face

Step2: Apply a whitening cream mast for 20 minutes

Step3: Apply cream

02: Directly use as a face cream, take a proper amount of palms to preheat, evenly pat on the face, then rub to absorb, but must first hydrate the cream.

Step1: Cleaning the face

Step2: Take a proper amount of cream on the pal, of your hand

Step3: Tap the face to absorb




This product has a freckle, wrinkle removal, for the elimination of melasma, freckles, age spots and other spots, there are special effects, young people face acne ( acne ) also had a significant effect .maintain a high-quality gene cosmetic technology, exclusive use of serum proteins, biochemical aldol acids, and other biological formulations, and more sustained release microcapsules nano technology to protect active genes, improving traditional skincare cream matrix gene activity can not be effectively survival factor faster whitening effect, without any side effects.


Usage Method:

1.Clean the face skin.

2.Applied appropriate face cream to the face and neck.

3.Use the finger to message face until it be absorbed.



Please keep away from light to avoid direct sunlight.