Germany Must State Stimulate Tablets



Germany Must State Stimulate Tablets

【Efficacy】 Strengthen the kidney, protect the essence, strengthen the essence, strengthen the bones

【Valid Date】 36 months

[Storage method] Sealed and placed in a cool dry place

【Product Specification】 0.8g × 10 capsules / bottle / box

Instructions for use:
Oral, take one capsule of this product 10-30 minutes before sex, and the medicine lasts 168 hours.

The amount of health care is: one capsule every 2 days. Take warm water half an hour before bedtime. (3 boxes for one course of treatment)

Take 1-2 courses of medical history under two years;

Medical history takes 2-3 courses in 3-5 years;

Medical history takes 3-4 courses in 5-10 years.

In order to protect your privacy,we promise send your products in a secret condition, the packaging will be a box or a plastic bag without any pictures and words about sex.

Germany Must State Stimulate Tablets


Germany Must State


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