Green Hair Dye Mask


Fast, Deep Repair for Damaged Hair

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7 Color DIY Faster Hair Dye Mask Make Hair Soft Straightenig Smooth Cream Deep Repair Damaged Frizzy Hair Treatment Purple Gray

Color Type:Purple,Pink,Green,Blue,Gray,copper,Rosegold


Function:Hair dye and Care Mask 2 in 1


1. After cleansing, apply it evenly onto face, avoid eyes and lips.

2. Leave for 15-20 minutes to dry completely.

3. Gently remove and rinse face with water.


1. Change hair color, enhance hair color, semi-permanently dye hair, and moisturize hair.

2. Color: purple, rose gold, hot pink, royal blue, emerald, copper, mint gray.

1. Add advanced hair coloring toner.

2. Mild formula, no hydrogen peroxide compound, no ammonia hydrate, alkaline semi-permanent hair dye. mask, safe and non-irritating, and will not damage the hair structure.

3. Five minutes of coloring, 3-5 times of color saturation, easy to operate, family use.

4. Black hair and white hair can’t be dyed.

5. Stay away from high temperature and high cleanliness.

6. Suitable for people with light hair color and dyed hair that needs complementary color.