Hernia Belt Truss

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Inguinal/Sports Support Brace with Pad”

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Why choose TENBON:

► Customizable support: One removable compression pad support the weakened groin muscles to reduce pain and discomfort caused by the groin or hernia.

► Mobile compression pads: The hernia band includes One shaped compression pad, which are suitable for reducing the pain of single hernia.

► Soft fabric and breathable design: Made of durable, machine-washable, skin-friendly materials, more comfortable and breathable, suitable for long-term wear

► VELCRO adjustable: The belt is adjustable and comfortable. Relieves pain in disc herniated areas.


Size (waist): M, L, XL

M:29.9-35.4 inch, 76-90cm

L:35.8-41.3 inch, 91-105cm

XL:41.7-47.2inch, 106-120cm

Colour: Dark Yeallow

Weight: 0.19kg

Packing content:

1 x hernia band with 1 removable pressure pad

1 x user manual

Recommended Care Instructions

1.One Removable Pads: Rinse With Below 30 °C Water, Gently Wipe With a soft cloth, avoid direct sunlight, can not dry

2.Fabric: Hand Wash Below 30 °C

3.Gentle cycle, do not bleach, do not tumble dry

4.Do not wander and do not dry

The best of health!!

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