Indian God Lotion


Indian God Lotion

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Indian God Lotion

India Viagra Spray Sex Massage Oil Retard Ejaculation Enhancers Aphrodisiac Long Time Sex Delay Spray Erection For Men Potency

How to use:

Spray over the penis and glans with This product 30 minutes before sexual intercourse,then spread evenly.

Precautions for use:

1. Do not spray directly on the urethra.

2. Please wash with Clear water if any discomfort after wiping.

3. For oral sex, please wash 30 minutes after spraying this product.

4. This product cannot be used on skin with rash or abrased wound or allergic.

 Indian God Lotion

 Indian God Lotion

 Indian God Lotion

 Indian God Lotion

Indian God Lotion




Plant Extract



Model Number

delay spray

Item Type


Effect 1

male enhancement delay spray

Effect 2

men long time sex spray increase libido

Feature 1

sex products for men penis erection spray

Feature 2

developpe sex delay cream penis enlargement cream