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Fast Abdominal Fat Burner for Weight Loss

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Jemeesen Slimming Patches Burns Abdominal Fat Weight Loss Fast Powerful Slim Down Sticker Quickly Reducer Belly Body Cellulite

Product description:

All Natural Raw Materials:

Natural wormwood, longan, prickly ash, honey, ginger extract are made of natural materials without irritation and safe to use. Each of our herbs has been carefully selected to be unique in the environment.

Support Your Life:

Have helped many people since launch. Because it is made from natural ingredients, it has benefited a wide range of people.

Wellness & Relaxation:

Abdomen Navel Patch has a good effect,Moxibustion belly button paste can eliminate excessive Dampness-Evil in the body, thereby achieve the balance of supply and demand in the body.

Easy To Use:

Stick directly on the navel, had better use warm towel hot compress before stick, more conducive to absorption.Experimental studies have shown that Navel Sticker work for 8-12 hours to get the best results and keep your body warm.

Professional Handicraft Production:

Over the past 20 years, we have insisted on hand-made,and the skilled master crafts the essence by hand.


Product name:Slimming patch

Main Ingredients: Natural Herbs

Quantity: 42 pcs (42 pcs per bag)


1.Paste directly on the navel, it is best to use warm towel before sticking, more conducive to absorption.

2.If your skin is sensitive to the adhesive, you can apply some moisture around the navel before using the skin cream, the basic problem that can be solved with allergies.

3.Use 1 piece per day. Recommended to use at night, the use of time about 8-12 hours is perfect.

4.Weight loss for all skin, also combine with exercise, and keep healthy diet, that’s the point.


1.8 hours per use.

2.If the skin is damaged, it should not be used during pregnancy and cesarean section within 3 months after delivery.

3.Disabled for sensitive skin. If you have skin allergies, use a body lotion or cream before applying to prevent sensitivity.

4.This product is for external use only. Do not eat; if there is something bad during the pasting process, please peel it off carefully, and please stop using it temporarily; this product can only be used once.

Package Included:

1-10 packs Slimming patch