PEINEILI : Delayed Ejaculation Treatment


PEINEILI : Delayed Ejaculation Treatment


Effect:Delay ejaculation, prevent premature ejaculation, enjoy the sex life. 

can use the spray first, then use it after wipes is completely absorbed.
30 minutes before sex use products to clean the glans penis and coronary ditch place, please do not wipe the urethral opening, use 1 piece for 1 time

1. Impotence patients not suitable for use.
2. The man in the bedroom before proposed to genital dry clean, otherwise will affect product use effect due to dirt and lead to the effect not beautiful.
3. This product raw materials are extracted from natural plants, without any harm to the body, no dependence.
4. If there are any rash or skin surface scratch, allergic skin, it is prohibited to use.
contain:(depen on you choose)
12pcs/LOT+1 bottle spray or 1box tissue or 1pc spray
PEINEILI : Delayed Ejaculation Treatment

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