Powerful Whitening Freckle Cream


Dark Spot & Melasma Remover”

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Powerful Herb Whitening Freckle Cream Remove Acne Dark Spot Melanin Fade Melasma Anti-Pigmentation Improve Dullness BrightenSkin


Bright Skin Cream



Product Function:

the skin becomes bright white and transparent shiny,Clear texture is not sticky,easy to apply,After using the skin dull skin feel comfortable,solve the problems from the source of attack,the skin becomes Pure and bright!

Usage Method:

1.Morning and evening after cleaning skin lighting cream forefinger middle finger and ring finger.

2.Three finger on the face open,gently massage Evenly,it completely absorbed

Applicable skin: A variety of skin.


If you find the skin discomfort please stop using.

Storage Condition :

Please keep away from light to avoid direct sunlight