Prostate Treatment


Plant Lycopene Capsules for Male Health”

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[Product Specification] 60 parts/bottle

[Validity] 24 months.

[Dosage and dosage] Take one capsule three times a day.

[Health care function]:

Treat prostatitis

Relieve benign prostatic hyperplasia

Relieve frequent cough, absenteeism and urinary incontinence.

Improve sperm motility

[Storage method] Sealed and stored in a cool and dry place.

Revelation Description:

Super powerful prostate support improves the quality of life: Do you have a sudden heartbeat at night or frequent daytime activities? Take better care of your prostate and support your bladder with a unique formula-our powerful prostate formula aims to help improve prostate health!

Reduced the need for urination-as men grow up, the need for urination becomes more and more frequent. This may lead to sleep interruption and poor social conditions. Our supplement of prostate helps to reduce the pressure of prostate on bladder and urinary tract. It reduces the need to urinate to help you sleep all night

These prostate health supplements help to increase urine flow, promote vacuoles, help to avoid nervousness when going to the toilet, promote healthy prostate size, and reduce the frequency of going to the toilet.

Believe yourself in your room! -Men’s improved medicines include sand palm, lycopene, pumpkin seed extract, hydrangea extract, ginseng, which improves blood circulation and sperm motility, making you an ideal artist in the bedroom.

Sexual desire male booster-our male natural energy pill can enhance your mood and give you greater endurance, confidence and desire.