Radiant Hair Growth Comb


RF Hot Compress, Micro Current, LED Massage”

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1. Using four core technologies: EMS microcurrent + RF radio frequency + LED color light + EP technology, gently care for your hair health.

2. This electric hair care comb massages the scalp through the comb teeth, injects health factors into the hair, promotes hair growth, and makes the hair thicker and thicker.

3. Four levels of adjustment, tailor-made hair care programs, effectively strengthen hair roots, improve hair quality, reduce hair loss and hair breakage.

4. Equipped with a dropper, our comb can be used with hair growth lotion to promote hair absorption of nutrients for better results.

5. This electric comb is easy to carry, so you can enjoy beauty salon-level hair care SPA anytime and anywhere.


Color: dark green

Material: ABS+stainless steel

Charging voltage: 5V

Rated current: 0.38A

Rated power: 1.6W

Net weight: 0.145KG

Product size: 22*4*5CM

Packing size: 23.8*8*5CM

Packing List:

1* RF hair care comb

1* dropper

1* USB Charging Cable

1* English User Manual


1. Please allow some deviation due to manual measurement and make sure you do not mind before purchase.

2. The color of the actual item may slightly vary from the images due to different computer screens and display settings. Thanks for your understanding!

3. Before using the product,please read the user manual carefully and keep the instructions for future reference.

4.Do not disassemble or repair by yourself , so as not to damage the machine.

5.Keep out of reach of children and keep out of reach of children.

6.Do not use it in the place of strong electromagetic field , which may cause the work of the host to be unstable.

7.Do not put the host under strong light high temperature.

8.Do not knock , oscillate or drop the instrument , so as not to cause the instrument failure.6. Please be sure to use , store and maintain according to the product specification.

9. If the skin appears local red-hot phenomenon after use , please stop to observe a few days , not to continuous use

10. When you leave , please ensure that the power is turned off , and keep safe.