Sevich 500g Hair Building Fiber


10 Colors, Keratin Powders, Regrowth & Instant Salon Treatment”

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Sevich 500g Hair Building Fiber 10 Color Keratin Powders Fibers Hair Regrowth Fiber Hair Refill Instant Salon Hair Treatment

Product information

Product Brand:Sevich

Product Name:Sevich hair building fiber

Color:Auburn,Black,Blonde,Grey,Light Brown,Med brown,Dark brown,light blonde,med blonde,white

(10 color can choose)

Note: Sevich’s additional hair fillers are suitable for most brands of hair extension fibers on the market.

Instructions for use:

1. When used, the hair must be dry.

2, open the jar, in the head from 7.5 to 15 cm high, partially aligned use, gently shake the Sevic, let the hair slip to the hair. Then clap your hands to help them spread attachments.

3, close to the frontal hairline, blocked with your thumb and forefinger to prevent fiber from falling to your eyes or face.

4. If you don’t see the back of the hair, you can use the other hand to adjust the position with a large mirror in front of a small mirror until you get used to it. You may not need a mirror to be very proficient.

5 Finally, comb the hair with a comb. In just 30 seconds, you can see that Toppik is valid.

6, use the finished product tightly closed to avoid moisture storage

7, Sevich can be used in strong wind and rain, on the other hand, it can be easily taken out by washing with ordinary shampoo.