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For this weight loss product, we are authorized to sell it from the original factory. Some customers reported that the capsules were crushed after using the old packaging (carton packaging) to send to customers. Therefore, we have upgraded the packaging to solve this problem. The original old packaging (carton packaging) has been upgraded to a bottle packaging dedicated to medicine bottles. After many trials, the new packaging can effectively prevent the capsules from being crushed due to the accumulation of goods during transportation. The inner capsule is 100% identical to the capsule in the

old packaging! We can guarantee it 100%!

Kind tips:

Applicable people: People over 16 years old who need to lose weight healthily.Main ingredients: deep sea kelp, spirulina, tea polyphenols, green tea essence, sea cucumber, rose, cussin, lioorice, etc.

Not suitable for the crowd: pregnant women, lactating women, children, patients with severe hypertension and heart disease, and patients with severe liver and kidney disease.



How to take: Once a day, 1 capsule each time, take with warm water before breakfast, no more than 1 capsule per day.