Gout Relief Tea


Chinese Herbal Medicine for Joint Pain

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-Uric Acid Relief: Lifetones metabolizes uric acid levels and helps reduce aches, pains, irritation and inflammation by removing uric acid that settles and crystallizes in your joints. This formula promotes healthy kidney function, healthy joints, reduces flare-ups, and helps relieve muscle pain and stiffness for optimal health and wellness.Improves Sleep and Restores Energy – Naturally helps reduce pain from uric acid build-up to help you sleep better and deeper. Wake up feeling better, refreshed, and with more energy to start your day.

-Pure uric acid support complex – Properly balance uric acid levels and promote healthy kidney support for optimum urinary tract health and wellness for enhanced urinary acid control for men and womenJoint supplement – This herbal supplement for healthy joints and back works wonders as a joint health supplement to balance purine levels with natural ingredients extract

-By reducing uric acid, your gout relief supplements are known to relieve joint pain, fortify healthy circulation, and regulate blood pressure!

Net: 40 Pcs/box

Shelf life: 2 years

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Gout Acid balance Tea (Extra Strength)


100% PURE Natural Herbal extract. No Additive!


Blood Uric Acid Balance

Gout Treatment

Diuretic, Reduce blood fat

Enhance immunity

Boost liver and kidney function


For drinking. 1 sachets each time, 2 times each day.


Stored in a shady, sealed, dry place. 2 packs as one course of treatment. It is better to keep use 2-3 cycle.

Pregnant women and menstruating women should not take it